Météo Dimanche 22 aout

Certes la météo de demain peut paraitre peu encourageante. Nous maintenons cependant bien nos Fragments Inédits ce dimanche. Nous tenons à vous offrir encore un peu de magie ce week-end !
Des changements d’horaires et autres aménagements de dernières minutes pourront survenir en fonction des éventuelles périodes de pluie. Vous serez directement informés sur le site.
Venez équipés (vêtements imperméables, assise pour dans l'herbe mouillée...).


We follow the protocol of the Belgian government.

Among other things:

  • The number of places is limited.
  • Wearing a face mask when you move.
  • Keep safety distance (1 m during shows).
  • Hydroalcoholic gel available.

No. We don’t use Covid Safe Ticket. No PCR test certificate or proof of vaccination will be required.

Edition 2021

A Fragment is a zone of the Festival. This year the Festival is split into 3 zones (Purple Fragment, Green Fragment, Blue fragment). Each zone has its own shows, its own spectators -in a limited number-, its own places for catering and sanitary facilities. There is no contact between each zone.

In each Fragment you can attend nearly 6 shows (including at least 3 at a fixed location, an itinerant performance and a musical one).  A ticket for one of the Fragments provides access to all the shows in this Fragment. The performances come one after another, except in the Purple Fragment where you need to choose once between 2 shows programmed at the same time. We do so in order to limit the number of festivalgoers on a specific spot (but the total number of shows remains 6)

No, you can’t. This is impossible. Each fragment is a unique zone you can enter only if you have a specific ticket. You can purchase only one entry ticket for one single Fragment per day.

As we can only welcome a limited number of festivalgoers this year, we invite you to show solidarity by purchasing only one ticket for the whole week-end. In that way more people will have the opportunity to enjoy the shows performed in Chassepierre. But if you really want to, nothing prevents you from purchasing a ticket for each day.

Each Fragment has its specific car park. If you don’t want to turn back as you arrive in Chassepierre, please follow the instructions on the webpage ‘Come’.
If you come by public transport, there are signs all over the village to lead you to the right Fragment.

Yes, you can. At the entrance of each Fragment you get a wristband which enables you to go out and come back to the zone (to go back to your car, to visit the market, etc.) The only thing that you are not allowed to do is to get into another Fragment.

No, you can’t. The tickets for Saturday are different from the tickets for Sunday. Furthermore the programming for a Fragment is the same on the two days.

Yes, you can. You can either take advantage of the food trucks (sweet or salty) and the bars located in your Fragment or bring your own picnic and snack with you.

The craft Market is located in the streets of the village (rue de la Cure and rue Warlomont), out of the Fragments where there are performances. It is freely accessible from the three Fragments and from outside Chassepierre.


 Find out more about the profiles of our volunteers on the page ‘volunteers’ and if it matches your expectations, follow the instructions to apply for the job.

Ticket Office

The ticket office opens on 12th of July.

In 2021, tickets are available exclusively via our Internet Website.

No, you can’t. This is not possible in 2021. The number of places is limited and all the tickets are sold before the Festival via the webpage ‘Tickets’ on our website.

A ticket purchased on-line is valid if it is either printed or presented on your smartphone at the entrance of the festival.

Free admission for children under 8.
Children aged 8 to 12 get a discount.
Children aged over 12 get no discount (full adult rate)

No. There is no discounted rate for elderly people.

Yes. It is possible to access to tickets ‘article 27’. To do so, you must get in contact with the ‘Cellule Article 27’ of Arlon to obtain your ticket before the Festival. Tickets ‘article 27’ will NOT be directly accepted at the entrance of the Festival.

Tickets are non-refundable.
Tickets will be refunded only in case of a complete cancellation of the Festival.

The Festival

On Saturday and Sunday, the Festival opens its doors at 12:00 AM. We advise you to arrive one hour before the beginning of the shows so that you have time to visit your Fragment and settle down.

Just like you, we love dogs but there is no point in putting them through an environment that is definitely not adapted to them. So it is strongly advised not to take your favourite pet with you.

In spite of various devices, some places remain inaccessible for wheelchairs or strollers. We advise you to check that on this page to get information and tips about the best-fitted places.


The organisation of the Festival doesn’t provide its own campsite. So there are no tickets combining ‘entrance to the Festival + camping’.

So why not book accommodation in the area, for example in the camp site of the village of Chassepierre (expanding its surface for the venue)? All the necessary contacts are on the page ‘accommodation’

For any information about the accommodation in the area during the Festival, please get in touch with the Syndicat d’Initiative of Florenville (+32 (0)61 31 12 29, info@florenville.org).
For further information, go to the page ‘Accommodation’.

Craft and agri-food market

Yes, there is. In 2021 the craft Market is located in the streets of the village (rue de la Cure and rue Warlomont), out of the Fragments where there are performances. It is freely accessible from the three Fragments and from outside Chassepierre.  

All the stands of the craft and agri-food market are selected each year upon application. To apply, you need to fill out the contact form available on our website.

Means of Transport

If you come by train you should get off at Marbehan station (on the line Brussels – Arlon). Bus services TEC will take you to Chassepierre for  1€. You need to buy your bus ticket with your festivla ticket. No sales on the bus.

Bus schedule: Going  from Marbehan to Chassepierre on Saturday & Sunday around 11:20. Back from Chassepierre to Marbehan around 19:55.

Yes. There is a parking fee of 3 € per vehicle per day for all the parking lots of the Festival. We advise you to practise car-sharing to reduce the cost.

The amount of money collected goes directly to the local associations managing parking lots during the festival.

Until the construction of possible permanent bicycle parking in the village of Chassepierre, we invite you to attach your bike to the barriers at the entrance of the car parks. This is free.


Any lost property is taken care of by the Police.
During the festival, all the lost items are gathered at the mobile police station. After the Festival, contact the local police station of Florenville (Rue d’Arlon 36, 6820 Florenville / +32 (0)61 24 24 40).

Where to eat?

The village restaurants, various caterers and food trucks are on the site with a wide variety of suggestions (sweet, salty, veggie,…) and many local products.

You may come with your own picnic. We suggest you take reusable packaging to limit waste. Moreover you can fill up your personal water bottles at the different (free) water points you may find all over the site.