Find d place to stay

In and around Chassepierre

The organisers of the Festival do not provide or manage directly any accommodation for Festival-goers, but there are numerous possibilities of accommodation on offer in the region.

The campsite next to the Festival is not our responsibility and it is a private campsite (Les Cabrettes). If you wish to stay there, please contact them directly (Campsite Les Cabrettes, +32 61 31 29 94).

Campsites in and around the Festival

Around Chassepierre, only campsites are suitable for tents.
Check with the local campsites to find your ideal pitch:

Tourist Information

For all other information and more information about accommodation, please do not hesitate to contact us online :

- About the town
Forenville tourist office
Tél.: +32 61 31 12 29 

- In Gaume
Tourist information of Gaume
Tél.: +32 63 39 31 00

- In the Province of Luxembourg
Ardenne Belge

On the French side