In times of pandemic, there are many questions: Culture, who are you?

In the particular social context following the spring 2020 lockdown, while the cultural sector was looking for reference points to come back to life, the Festival of Chassepierre, Latitude 50 - centre for circus and street arts and Mars-Mons performing arts invited everybody to a timeout to speculate about the role of culture in society.

A 250 km hiking-debate,
between 2 lockdowns

From Chassepierre to Marchin and from Marchin to Mons, 250 km of hiking-debate, 12 days of inclusive dialogue. The Grand Tour started on Sunday 23rd August 2020 in Chassepierre, went through Marchin and ended on Friday 4th September in Mons.

Each day, around 20 citizens (male and female) were present, in the company of a guest artist. Together, while walking, they dissected an issue related to the role of culture in our lives and society.  After sharing all these reflections, they ended the day with an artistic proposal.

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The Grand Tour Logbook

A brochure showing the footsteps of the exchanges has been published.

Olivier Donnet's contrasting photographic view, Laurence Vielle's and Lisette Lombé's poetic parentheses, some thoughts and portraits of walkers, Lorette Moreau's intriguing cocotte and the passionate synthesis of 12 days of hiking-debates.
(in French)

    Photographs by Olivier Donnet and Marie Godart


    Partners of the Grand Tour

    Activate Performing Art

    Mars-Mons arts de la scène
    (Mons -  Belgium)

    Le Festival International
    des Arts de la Rue 

    (Chassepierre - Belgium)

    Le Citron Jaune

    Latitude 50, pole arts du cirque
    et de la rue

    (Marchin - Belgium)