Food and crafts

Another pleasure of the festival!

The presence of local craftsmen and producers in Chassepierre dates back to the first years of the festivities. It has developed over the years. Today, flavours, know-how and artisanal creativity mix completely with that of the artists.

Located in the very heart of the village, from Cure Street to the top of Antoine Street, as well as Warlomont Street, the craft and agri-food market plays an important part in the festival.

Are you an artisan or a producer?

Would you like to take part in our market?

Chassepierre allows local producers and craftsmen to introduce their products to a wider audience.


What's at the market?


More than 20 food stands are spread throughout the craft market and the venues. Savoury and sweet dishes, vegetarian and vegan dishes, homemade ice creams, crepes, waffles, burgers, sandwiches, soups, pies, sweets, etc.


Wooden toys, donkey milk products, saffron form Gaume, porcelain, enamel art, textile creations, jewellery, bags, hats, sculptures, paintings, basketry ... always more beautiful and creative.