Craft and agri-food market

The other side of the festival!

The first craftsmen go back to the early years of the festival and throughout its evolution, the market combines the expertise of many craftsmen with the different skills of street performers.

In the village, the shops are present in Cure street to the top of Antoine Street. But also in Warlomont street down to the bottom of Rue de la Semois. The craft and food market also takes an important place.

You are craftsmen and you want to participate in our event? Don’t hesitate to write us!

Chassepierre allows local producers and craftsmen to introduce their products to a wider audience.


But what can one find?


Various caterers and food trucks are on the site with a wide variety of suggestions (sweet, salty, veggie…) and many local products.


It is therefore possible to find wooden toys, donkey milk products, tea, enamel animal figurines, female clothing, hats and handbags, necklaces and earrings.