Application for professional

I accept that my phone number and my email address will be communicated to the artists of the 2021 edition.
My choice :
Purple Fragment – Saterday
Purple Fragment – Sunday
Green Fragment – Saterday
Green Fragment – Sunday
Blue Fragment – Saterday
Blue Fragment – Sunday
Compulsory fields

Who for?

The pro certifications are for professionals who are involved in the activities of the Festival, that is professional organisations in the dissemination of live performances.Two certifications per organisation are granted. Each professional organisation may have 1 SINGLE entry per FRAGMENT, i.e. 3 entries.


Fill in the application form below. In addition to your online application, please enclose a request on paper with the letterhead of your organisation.

Coming to the Festival?

Download our professional brochure (available in French only).
To organise your stay, please go to webpages ‘practical information’.