This network is a platform, a model designed to help the emergence of singular and innovative artistic projects specificly imagined and created for natural sites, green spaces or rural areas.

A Laboratory

The Green Carpet has been concieved as a laboratory which aims is to interrogate how the artistic creation can explore the challenges facing society.

Shared values

Our network is open to artistic projects trying to integrate knowledge of nature, rethinking how people relate to society and that impacts on the environment.

This network aims to be a CREATION ACCELERATOR, a shared thought laboratory, a new dynamic to imagine how inhabitants/citizens of a euro-region can work together to participate in cultural collaboration.

Former projects

2018: Les Souffleurs commandos poétiques (FR)
"Corniches / Heaume-Animal".

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2021: Red Herring (GB)
The Withlers"


The Green Carpet partners are:

Activate Performing Art

Activate Performing Art

Le Festival International des
Arts de la Rue de Chassepierre 


Le Citron Jaune

Le Citron Jaune - Centre National
des Arts de la Rue


Le Pôle National Cirque et Arts de Rue d'Amiens

Le Pôle National Cirque
et Arts de Rue d'Amiens