Summer 2020: three symbolical cultural week-ends

Following the Covid-19 crisis and as a result of the consecutive health measures, the 47th edition of the Festival, due to take place on 22 and 23 August 2020, was cancelled in April.

However our team did not give up. They had no intention of being let go (due to coronavirus) without any reaction.
From that time out they took three weekends in August as ideal opportunities to react and support Culture.

These cultural (re)-actions are organised in the streets of the village, in accordance with health regulations.

Street Art is a matter of sensations, emotions, sharing. Impossible by video. You have to bring space and time to life, think about today's world and do it. This is why the team took the gamble of honouring the profession, but not in its completeness, since the shows did not reach as many people.

It is always better than zero and in Chassepierre it is better than anywhere else.

To sum up

Here are the cultural (re)-actions in Chassepierre in Summer 2020:

- 5 professional companies

- 6 performances and several poetical shows in the village

- 1000 spectator

- and many tourists in the village!

A “breath” of culture, essential in the middle of the health crisis!

Proposed shows

With Les Chemins de Terre, Che Cirque, One Shot, Kermez's à l'Est and Les Chaussons Rouges.

Cie Des Chemins de Terre Che Cirque One Shot Kermez’s à l’Est Les Chaussons Rouges