Like every year, street theater takes its summer quarters in
Gaume in the village Chassepierre. On 21 and 22 August 2021 the 47e International Festival of the Arts Street will take place.
Chassepierre becomes an internationally renowned festival and of the most important events of its kind in the French community.

For two days, the whole town will be put in a whirl by
arrival of these nomadic artists who have chosen the outdoor life and transformed into a theater at 360 °. Actors, musicians, clowns, acrobats ... will be sharing the pavement and pour their fancy at the discretion public enjoyment. Squares, sidewalks, square and even the most unexpected spots as they will be transformed into improvised scenes, to the delight of spectators.

The International Festival of Street Arts Chassepierre is a friendly party to enjoy at any age, alone or with family
armed only with his curiosity and an amazing festival, making allowances and invites to creation and innovation. It promotes encounters of different cultures, favorites and lightning strikes since more than one forty companies from many countries find each other here. Their style is varied, but always encourages humor, surprise, contact with the audience and spontaneity.

The International Festival of STREET ART at Chassepierre is also a tourist destination: Chassepierre remains one of the most charming villages of Wallonia, nestled in  the Semois valley. Its two hundred inhabitants make every effort to ensure you a warm welcome.




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« L'invention Chassepierre »
Alain Renoy