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Since 2009, Chassepierre is part of a sustainable development approach.
Since 2012 , the Festival waste sorting  aims to reduce the environmental impact of events and Prevention management of household packaging waste.
In 2020, Chassepierre joins DEMO, a cooperative project between France and Belgium about sustainable development during festivals and music events.

How does it limit the Festival 's impact on the environment?

In a constant concern to reduce the waste generated by the event, Chassepierre proposes several initiatives ...

One, Two, Tri!

Waste is sorted and recycled through 50 Eco Zones spread over the site! Objective: More than 90 % of sorted waste .

Eco Zone?

Eco Zones are areas to throw compounds and sort your waste : blue bins for PMC (bottles and plastic bottles , metal containers , dishes and trays, unused aluminum metal lids and caps , beverage cartons ) and black bins for all-comers (all other packaging and plastic items ( pots, trays , bags ... ), old sandals and broken glasses , broken umbrella, greasy waste , aluminum foil ... ) .

A few figures

In 2014, 3120 kg of all kinds, 780 kg of PMC, 520 kg of cardboard.
In 2015 and 2016, 40 bags of 240 liters of PMC (130 in 2014).
In 2017, 65 bags of PMC (larger number of visitors); 20 m3 of all-comers and 10 m3 of paper/cartons (the same since 2014).

Average festival in Wallonia : 2 kg for 1 to 2 days festival . Florenville average 175 kg / capita / year : 365d = 0479 kg / pers. Production of household waste a festival in Chassepierre is 0193 kg or 41.5 % below the average hab / j .

A device for entertainment and strolling proposed by Eco Team

With the Eco -Team, you 'll never look at waste the way you did before. Their animations will cheer up your actions through comic- lasting wanderings . They are also responsible for draining the islands sort and awareness of the sorting.

A few figures

180 hours of work done tonight 1.2 FTE / month

We love the reusable cups !

For the sixth time this year , we will use reusable cups thus reducing much of the waste from the event. Thanks to the bond, the public takes them back after each use. These cups will be available at the bars of the Festival!

A few figures

100,000 disposable cups avoided or 0.8 T cups avoided. Gain in terms of cleanliness, waste volume and conveyed picture.

Sorting Table !

In collaboration with Province Of Luxembourg, Chassepierre has a sorting table to further sort the PMC.

How to become Emball'Acteur ?

A Chassepierre partners ( horecas , sponsors, artists ... ) are committed to better prevent and sort their waste by practicing optimal sorting (organic, cardboard, dietary grease ) and ensuring minimize the waste of unnecessary packaging (towels, plastic ravier ... ) And what about you ? Some tips:

  • Take a minimum of potential waste at the site or in the campground. For example, focus on flasks for water and lunch boxes !
  • Help you by putting signage on bins to sort your waste correctly
  • Do not hesitate to ask the cleaning teams if you have questions about sorting
  • A last resort , take your waste in the trash -bin, in order not to throw any not recycled plastic bags. That would be a mistake!
  • Wear a badge to recall and display your Fight against waste

Emball'acteur camping?  Don't do anything what you wouldn't do at home.


  • Make responsible purchases and only buy what you really need
  • Prefer the local products from organic agriculture and fair trade
  • Avoid using disposable products and prefer sustainable products (dishes, Swiss Army knife ... )
  • Avoid products that generate a lot of packages
  • Prefer devices that operate without batteries or solar chargers


  • Remember that trash bags are always available at the entrance of the campsite
  • Park your car in the car park
  • Do not bring glass containers or metal cans, they are not allowed
  • Distributing flyers or other waste generators is prohibited
  • Please leave your own garbich at the end of the festival site, we invite you to leave your waste in the storage area near the campsite


To respect the environment , Chassepierre also offers :

  • a labeled restoration area
  • A short supply circuit
  • Outhouses
  • System carpooling online and onsite ( totem )
  • Shuttles ( TEC bus ) from the Marbehan station (1 euro ) : Friday at 7pm, Saturday and Sunday at 11.20am, 12.20am , 1.20 and 2.20pm ( starting with the arrival of trains). Returns at 5:05pm , 6:05 p.m. 7:05 p.m. and 8.05 pm from Chassepierre



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