Actions to welcome persons with reduced mobility

Every year, we improve the access to persons with reduced mobility.

Our actions are :

  • Composting toilets adapted for people with reduced mobility all over the festival, all indicated on the map
  • Signposting of this adapted toilets
  • Parking places at the entrances of the village with information sign
  • Open ticket office
  • Rest area
  • Homogeneous signage
  • Clearly advisable entrances (visible and noticeable from a distance) on a big sign with contrasting colors.
  • Security wire crossing adapted to use a wheelchair
  • Opportunity to sit on tiers
  • Location map inside the venue of the festival, « you are here » sign and signpost
  • (Fitted) Adapted shuttle bus from the station
  • Pictogram for all shows on our website indicating whether it is accessible to people with reduced mobility, partially sighted or hearing-impaired people...
  • Shows in sign language by Annie Devos
  • Collaboration with Article 27 (1.25€ for adults and free for kids)

The positive things are :

  • Large paths passable to use a wheelchair
  • Tarmac flooring and several inclined tracks among other streets

The less positive things are :

  • Lack of adapted ticket office
  • Lack of rest areas next to the ticket office
  • Some flooring areas hardly passable
  • Some show areas haven’t got inclined tracks and some of them are inaccessible to use a wheelchair
  • Some catering areas have hardly any passable flooring

Regarding the layout of the festival and the constraints of a rural area, we try to offer the best welcome we can to disabled guests and to always improve our actions