An art tour on foot, in rural areas

Learning to slow down

La Marche des Philosophes (The Philosophers’ walk) takes place in GAUME, throughout sceneries and valleys, local associations, markets, gardeners, seamstresses, dressed up cyclists, enthusiastic peasant women,….

It is A TRAVELLING ADVENTURE, a meeting in rural areas and in the public sphere, so as to have an artistic proposal adapted to each place.

A project on its way

In 2017 the art company ‘les Chemins de terre’ developed the Philosophers’ walk in Gaume. The next year the Festival of Chassepierre and the CEC Tribal Souk joined to suggest a second edition of the venue.

Since then the two associations have called for new artists every year to get involved in a new Walk.

The purpose of this project is to grow and welcome new organisers ready to develop it in their own area.

A word to the wise…

Edition 2021
From 15th to 26th September


Emmanuel Guillaume, 
« Continue ta route »

Village: Orsinfaing, Fratin, Saint-Léger, Lamorteau, Avitoh, Villers-Devant-Orval, Florenville, Muno, Chassepierre, Lacuisine and Chiny.

Edition 2020 - Arts Nomades "MythWoman"